Cloud based email security

Cloud based email security

MX Lab secures your business email communication with confidence

Zero hour anti virus

The Zero Hour Virus & Email Based Threat Protection service contains a multi layered anti virus engine and protects you from email based trojans, ransomware.

Managed anti spam

With MX Lab's Managed Anti Spam & Content Policy service, you will no longer have to deal with unwanted messages whatever their format or attachment file type.

Email Archiving

Never lose a single email message with the Email Archiving & Backup service. Incoming email messages are stored in our Archive Center and are available as required.

MX Lab Cloud based email security in detail

Zero hour anti virus

MX Lab offers a true zero hour anti virus system that will protect your communication in the first moments of an outbreak and later on as new variants emerge. The main advantage of a zero hour virus system is that it works immediate and accurate detects new outbreaks.

MX Lab also offers protection against email based threats like phishing, URLs where malware is hosted and more. These messages will be internally identified as a potential security risk.

MX Lab also handles some restrictions in file types based on their extensions. Emails intercepted with these restrictions will be investigated, checked and only be released when found to be secure.

Managed anti spam

MX Lab combines a powerfull real time anti spam solutions with technologies like Sender & Recipient Authentication, IP Reputation Analysis, Intention Analysis, Bayesian algorithms, Rule based scoring to provide a powerfull email security service.

When an incoming message is determined as unwanted or spam, the MX Lab service will hold the message for further analysis by one of our administrators or the message can be placed in the quarantine for further control by your IT administrator or end user.

Easy to use quarantine features make sure that this management is straightforward and less time consuming than other solutions.

Email Archiving

MX Lab offers Email Archiving & Backup as a standard with a retention up to 60 days that can be extended.

This service archives each incoming email after they have been filtered and scanned for viruses.

MX Lab Email Archiving & Backup will store each scanned and filtered message, free from viruses, in the email storage area available for retrieveal through MX Lab Admin.

MX Lab Control Panel

Stopping spam and malicious emails is one goal of MX Lab. Providing a flexible and power full way to manage quarantined emails, logging, advanced search log tools and detailed reports is our second goal.

The MX Lab Admin is our solution on managing quarantined emails by providing the user or IT responsible in the organization or company an interface to the quarantined emails, logs and reports.

MX Lab Admin supports multiple domain. This allows administrators to quickly change management between the domains that are protected by MX Lab.

Affordable base pricing

Protect and secure your incoming emails and avoid virus infection on your local and networked computers, decrease the load of unwanted messages in the inbox and retrieve older messages if they are lost.

Includes virus protection
Includes spam detection
Includes 60 day archiving
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