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Bredolab surges to new heights thanks to Cutwail botnet
6 November 2009

Several sources reported a surge of the Bredolab trojan in the middle of October but MX Lab did noticed an real increase on October 27th. Read more.

CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert malware
8 August 2008

After a very long outbreak based on the CNN Dailty Top 10 it’s now time for something different: CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert. This new version brings more of the CNN malware outbreak in a changed lay out but with the same tactics. Read more.

CNN Daily Top 10 leads users to site hosting malware
4 August 2008

Following the links in the Daily Top 10 email could lead you to sites that hosts malware. MX Lab detected and intercepted the first messages at around 7:48 PM local Belgian time and is monitoring an outbreak of this type. Read more.

Flash based spam
30 July 2008

Spammers often include links in their messages directing to web sites. These links are most of the time in the form of a URL including .html, .htm, .asp, .php or something similar. Read more.

UPS Tracking number trojan - new variant
22 July 2008

Around 00:02 AM, local Belgian time, MX Lab detected an outbreak of a new UPS tracking number trojan. Read more.

UPS Tracking number trojan
20 July 2008

When you receive an email from UPS regarding a package that can't be delivered due to an incorrect recipients address you better watch out. The chance is very likely that this is a new variant of a trojan trying to get your attention and to infect your computer. Read more.

How does the zero hour anti virus of MX Lab performs?
23 June 2008

Virus outbreaks like in the past when tons of emails contained a virus, trojan or other malicious file attached are rare these days. Read more.

New malware outbreak tries to infect your computer with Trojan.Downloader
19 June 2008

The latest malware outbreak sends emails with subject lines such as: Paris Hilton found to be gay!, China Earthquake claims 1 million lives, Star Trek star dies at age 79, Man wakes up from 40 year coma, Batman latest movie bombs at box office or Italy knocked out of Euro 2008 tries to attract us. So far, over 200 emails have been intercepted within 30 minutes. Read more.

Mortgage related spam rise to 10% since last week
30 January 2008

Spam about mortgage refinancing jumped to 10% of all spam in the past week in conjunction with the recent interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve. During the 4th quarter of 2007, finance-related spam was only 2% of all spam subjects. Read more.

MX Lab intercepts maliciously crafted PDF files
26 October 2007

MX Lab is detecting and intercepting an increased distribution of maliciously crafted PDF files. These PDF files contain an exploit that could result in a complete access to the infected computer and affects Windows XP or Windows 2003. Read more.

MP3 based stock spam outbreak
18 October 2007

The latest spam outbreak is based on the popular MP3 format for delivering audio. The messages are between 85kB and 150kB and contain an MP3 in poor quality at a 16 kbps bitrate and 11 KHz sample rate with an average length of 30 seconds. Read more.

Excel based “pump-and-dump” stock spam
21 July 2007

MX Lab has intercepted the first Excel based stock spam messages! Read more.

New PDF based “pump-and-dump” stock spam
9 July 2007

PDF based spam seems to take a lead over image based spam very soon because MX Lab is detecting two new PDF based pump-and-dump stock spam campaigns together with some text based stock spam messages. Read more.

PayPal E-TAN malware
9 July 2007

A message with “PayPal E-TAN” in the subject is containing attached malware. Read more.

Spamhaus "promoted" in spam messages
8 July 2007

Spamhaus, the organisation that fights spam with DNSBL technology, is "promoted" in a spam message. Read more.

'Storm' attack starts again
29 June 2007

A new round of the greeting card spam that draws visitors to a web site and tries to infect machines. MX Lab captured examples of the email with the subject line "You've received a postcard from a family member!". Read more.

PDF stock spam
26 June 2007

"Talktech Telemedia expects gains of 300% in next 5 trading sessions!". MX Lab has intercepted the first stock spam messages in a full PDF format. Read more.

"Top 10 spammer" Robert Alan Soloway arrested
1 June 2007

Robert Alan Soloway is arrested Wednesday on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, e-mail fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering. Soloway has sent millions of junk e-mails since 2003. Read more.

Email "Internet Explorer 7 Download" links directly to trojan
29 March 2007

MX Lab issues a warning for an email messages that is offering you to download the latest version of Internet Explorer 7. This email contains a link to an .exe file that is in fact a trojan. Read more.

Citibank phishing emails for Belgium
16 March 2007

MX Lab has captured some emails intended for Belgian customers that have all the trademarks of phishing techniques. Read more.

Symantec antivirus software needs critical update
3 March 2007

A new worm, know under the name Rinbot (by Symantec) or Delbot (by Sophos), is using a security flaw in the Symantec anti virus software that seeks to set up botnets from which denial-of-service attacks can be launched. Read more.

Storm Worm-Trojan targets blogs, bulletin boards and webmail
28 February 2007

A variant of the Storm Worm-Trojan, very active in January 2007 during a European storm, installs a component on the local computer that analyzes all network traffic via a layered service provider (LSP) integration and modifies blog postings and comments and webmail-based emails. Read more.

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